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Three fitness training methods to suit everyone and every need 

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Olympic weight lifting

What is it?
Olympic weightlifting is the most energy-efficient way of lifting a weight.

This can be achieved by performing two types of lifts most commonly known as, the snatch and the clean and jerk.
During the snatch the barbell is lifted from the ground to an overhead position in one single motion.

The clean and jerk lift is achieved in two stages. The first stage consists of bringing the barbell from the ground and placing it on the shoulders. After a short pause, the second phase consists of lifting the barbell overhead in one single motion. 

woman olympic weight lifting training

What are the benefits?

  • Increased power
    When it comes to developing strength nothing is as effective as the snatch. This is one of the most intense exercises you can accomplish and will build outstanding strength.

  • IMPROVED flexibility
    Executing both the clean and jerk and the snatch requires stretching your muscles extensively and at great length which is perfect to improve your mobility and flexibility.

  • Increased speed
    You don’t need to run to increase your speed. Olympic weightlifting is based on total body movement. Training your body to shift heavy weight at a rapid pace will help you increase your overall speed.
    Who is it for?
    You do not have to aspire to become an Olympian to train for Olympic weightlifting.
    Anyone of either sex wanting to take their fitness to another level will greatly benefit from Olympic weightlifting.

  • Improved motor skills
    Motor skills are essential to performance training as these skills help your body to react better when undergoing various training regimes.

Who is it for?
You do not have to aspire to become an Olympian to train for Olympic weightlifting.

Anyone of either sex, wanting to take their fitness to another level will greatly benefit from Olympic weightlifting.

man olympic weight lifting training

Functional fitness training

What is it?
Functional fitness training is the practice of training your muscles so they work in harmony.
The main goal is to improve physical independence by making it easier to complete simple daily physical tasks such as going up steep stairs, running to catch a bus.

As opposed to body building, where most of the time training focuses on one muscle group, functional fitness training aims to get muscles working together in synergy which is what they are originally designed to do.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits when training for functional fitness and they can be very individual-specific depending on the area each person wants/needs to improve. Here is a list of the main ones.

  • Reduction of Injury
    Functional fitness training is all about achieving physical independence by mirroring everyday life activities, which means your body will be able to cope better with regular physical stress.

  • Improved Posture
    ​Over time people can develop bad habits due to the nature of their jobs which can create muscular imbalance. Functional training helps correct those imbalances and improve posture.

  • Improved CORE STRENGTH
    Most exercises in functional training will, one way or the other, involve your core muscles. Stronger core muscles will help relieve spine pressure and reduce back pain.

  • Increased FLEXIBILITY
    Functional fitness involves a wide variety of different exercises which require large range of motion stretch the muscles, resulting in greater mobility.

Who is it for?
Originally used by chiropractors and physical therapists, functional training was designed for rehabilitation.
The technics of functional training have since become mainstream and recommended for:

  • Older adults who want to increase their flexibility, decrease the risk of falls and improve general strength.

  • Anyone who leads a very sedentary life style such as an office worker.
  • Anyone whose physical activity is very repetitive which could result in bad posture.

Sport specific training

What is it?
Sport specific training is somehow self-explanatory. It is essentially a training method designed to help an athlete of any kind increase their performance in their chosen sport.

This is achieved by mimicking a movement or exercise that can be transferred to a football pitch or track and fields, for instance.

The emphasis can be put on different areas such as speed, power, and endurance.

man football training

What are the benefits?

  • Increased strength
    ​Whatever your sport of predilection is, it is likely it will require additional strength. This can be achieved through specifically chosen exercises in line with your preferred discipline.

  • All-year-round training
    If you are looking to continue with useful training practices outside of the season, this type of training would be highly recommended to improve balance and motor skill functionality.

  • Conditioning
    Condition your energy levels along with your muscles so they are ready for hard-core training sessions and competitions.

Who is it for?
People who want to improve athletic performance and achieve peak condition for their sport of choice.

men sprinting

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